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Sunday, January 16, 2005


Well we saw the Matisse and Picasso show yesterday and well...it was nice (isn't nice an awful word?) but I must admit I did have a few disappointments.

First, and this is not the fault of the Cone sisters: there were too many people allowed in to see the exhibit at once. Even wearing my glasses I could not see beyond the wall of four people deep to view the paintings. A few times I became bold or desperate and nosed my way between people. Now I'm not sure this circumstance can be blamed on anyone or anything as the show was sold out every day. And I suppose seeing corners of paintings was better then not seeing them at all...

The other complaint was that as I was admiring a Miro, three woman walked up to the painting and disparaged it. I wanted to shout to them: "For God's sake ladies, you're all over eighty, haven't you learned anything about art yet?" But I held my tongue.

The other complaint, and it's a small one, is that while the museum was generous in offering complimentary coffee (Starbucks-Ew), and biscotti, they forgot my tea.

Complainers, don't ya love 'em?


Joseph Young said...

Oh, the Cone Collection/Sisters--our hometown bohemians. I didn't know they had NC connections. It's funny how you absolve them from ghostly guilt. But yeah, those kind of crowds really are a pain.

katrina said...

I imagine they were quite a family. This exhibit actually comes directly from your hometown museum, Joe.

Joseph Young said...

yeah, did they reproduce their sitting room? One of my favorite things at the BMA.

katrina said...

No but how cool! I'll have to visit the Baltimore Museum at some point.

Katie said...

Ick. I hate crowded museums. That is exactly the opposite of what a museum is supposed to be. Not that it's anyone's fault, but it still kind of wrecks the experience.

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