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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I love glass.
There's this glass studio in Wilmington Vermont that I've always loved visiting. It's inside what used to be a church so not only is it filled with glass sculptures and vases and bowls, but the windows are stained glass as well.

Last year, we visited again and we brought home two pieces (on sale).

Here's a look at what the husband and wife designer team create:

Young, Constantin and Associates


Clifford Garstang said...

If you're ever in the Shenandoah Valley (for some reason?), come to Staunton and visit Sunspots Studio, which is unique, in my experience. Sunspots is built into an old warehouse in our historic district and includes a large glass-blowing space with observation windows (and bleachers!) so the public can watch the master and apprentice glass blowers at work, display space for pieces for sale, including a great many that combine copper and glass designs, and a gallery upstairs for glass art. Phillip, the master, is also a poet . . .

Kath Fish said...

how beautiful! do you keep your pieces near a window, katrina?

katrina said...

Clifford, that sounds like just the thing I'd want to visit! I'm making note of it now, thanks.

Kath, I am embarrassed to say they are still in a box--I am not the kind of person who keeps her china locked away...but I am trying to save them for the house we're fixing up because it has built in shelves (up high, away from toddler hands) for objects of art. ;)

Mary Akers said...

I love glass, too. It's a lot like pottery, which has been a passion of mine for years--you have to send it through the fire to mold it and make it strong. And it's this sculpture of gorgeous, frozen fluidity--very strong, and yet also very fragile.

katrina said...

Well said, Mary.

Clifford Garstang said...

The Sunspots website focuses mostly on the copper side of the business and less on the glass art, but still it provides the basics.


katrina said...

Oh! Thanks so much for this, Clifford! I love the stake bird feeders (I love copper too) and the other garden things.

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