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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Veggie Revolution

If you want to know where your food comes from please click on the link (and scroll down a bit) Veggie Revolution.

This certainly gave me pause. I didn't know, for instance, the average distance our food travels before it reaches our plate. Nor did I know pigs were smarter than dogs. Now try to imagine rows and rows of pinned dogs kept in this way only to be slaughtered. People would be outraged, right? So why the hell aren't more people outraged by this treatment of hogs? Or chickens? Or cattle?

Native Americans used to give thanks to the spirit of an animal they had to kill for food. This spiritual connection is missing today in our culture and it shows through its behavior and attitudes. Not only are we allowing into our bodies unwanted antibiotics, hormones, and other unsavory items, we are essentially consuming the misery of the animal's soul.

My husband stopped eating meat (except for fish) two years ago. When I stopped nursing my son, I slowly let it leave my own plate. Now, on the rare occasion I have meat, it's usually from a restaurant. There are no packages of bacon, pork chops, chicken, hamburg, filet in my house. Don't get me wrong, I didn't do it for such altruistic reasons: I changed my diet because it's easier than cooking two different meals per night. And because I felt better with less meat in my system. I actually get sick less than I used to. But now that I'm becoming more aware of the conditions of these animals that unwillingly give their lives--if you can call them lives--I will continue to keep my meat consumption down to once every week or two. Perhaps I can make the leap to stopping period.

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