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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tin House Highlights Part 1

The days followed pretty much the same routine:

I was awake by 5:30/6:00 every morning

Took a shower (the first morning I couldn’t figure out how to get hot water so my shower was pure torture—in fact I think I opted for leaving the soap in my hair. Now that’s a look I don’t want to do often)

Finish any “homework” I didn’t finish before passing out from exhaustion the night before. Of course, the first morning I was chipper from being pampered by a night in a hotel.

Walk to the “Dining Commons” (sounds much nicer than cafeteria, doesn’t it?) and circle it waiting for first cup of caffeine and food to follow. (I’ll get to the food later)

After breakfast, workshops began at 9:50 and carried on until 12:30 or 1:00.

Then the race to lunch!

Race through lunch and race to the other side of campus for lectures!

After lectures, a half hour free-time until happy hour. (I opted out of most happy hours. I was happy already and exhausted. Any more happiness and I would have passed out on the grass.)

Dinner at the Dining Commons

Nightly readings and interviews starting at 8:00

Reception (more booze and schmooze) at 9:30

Nightly homework.

For some reason I seemed to be stuck in the food department. I normally eat things like sushi, fish, salads, pasta, healthy vegetables, fruits and cheese, etc. At Tin House, however, somehow I thought that eating a cheeseburger everyday was easier than trying to figure out which thing on the line was least likely to kill me. I think I managed to eat a cheeseburger five days in a row before my body revolted. I won’t eat another cheeseburger for a year. And breakfast? Ha! My normal breakfast is yogurt. At Tin House I ate greasy hash browns, scrambled eggs, and bacon every single day. Oh, and I did eat the yogurt, too.

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