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Monday, July 17, 2006

What I Came Home To:

* No luggage. Yes, once again, Delta didn't send my luggage home. Exactly what happened on my last trip. Apparently in all the musical gate-change games Delta had to do in Atlanta last night the baggage people gave up trying to keep up and went outside for a smoke instead.

*A HUGE strong-armed hug from my four-year-old who was both delighted to be up after midnight(!) and to see his mommy.

* A pink and orange house. Cough. Cough. At first, when I saw the strange eerie pink glow on our porch as we were pulling into our driveway I thought, "Tom must have put in a tacky lightbulb." And at 3:30 in the morning I wasn't sure it was really real, this color on our formally moonstone-colored stucco house. Then I woke up. Apparently the hot pink that is our house is the primer. Huh. People are driving by and taking pictures folks. This will not do for an insular writer like myself.

*A HUGE hug from my teenaged son and a wonderful "I missed you, Mom."

* A pink and orange house. I think I have the hope if I write about it enough it may go away.

*My sweet and very fat cat, Olivia, who told me a story about all she did while I was gone.

*And from my husband? Orange roses (to go with the house) and a very nice welcome home. :)

*I would take a picture of this pink and orange house but I can't. My camera is somewhere in Akron Ohio, or Raleigh NC, or Memphis Tenn, or Daytona Beach. It probably is right where the baggage agent said it is though: Atlanta GA. Like I said, the guys gave up and had a smoke.
When and if my bag returns I will post a pic.

*To be fair to my wonderful husband, terracotta painted in an Italian style with faux-aging techniques IS something we agreed on together. It just sounds much more dramatic and interesting to suggest it was a complete surprise. I mean it was a suprise, the doing of it, just not the idea of it. :)

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