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Monday, April 06, 2009

Read This: Precious by Sandra Novack

I've been a fan of Sandy Novack's short stories for years. And I've come to know her a little through the internet and through her sage advice on my own writing. What I know about her personally is this: she's smart, funny, and extraordinarily kind. What I learned about her after reading her debut novel is that the depth of her soul and her heart must be so large as to be immeasurable because surely one cannot write a story like this one with anything less. This novel had me sobbing not just at the end, but also in the middle at the most unexpected times. Novack is a writer who understands the power of connecting emotionally to her reader.

Precious is the story of what happens to a family when a little girl goes missing in their small town. But while the disappearance hangs heavy in the periphery, a storm is raging within the Kisch family. And journeying through that storm, one learns just how vulnerable a child's (and teen's) limited understanding of the adult world makes her. The aftermath leaves no one untouched, including this reader.

As a writer I was impressed with Novack's technical ability: lovely, exciting, elegant sentences that weave the tale, seemingly effortless, from start to finish; masterful handling of the omniscient pov; and brilliantly carved characters--all things to be admired, and for me at least, to be studied.

Reading this book was a rewarding and gut-wrenching Experience. I cannot wait to read another by this extremely talented author.


Mitzi said...

I'm with you, Kat, about Sandy as a person and her writing. I LOVED her novel.

katrina said...

Hi Mitzi! Sandy's truly gifted. I can't wait to read more.

Tell me about you. What are you working on?

Mitzi said...

Right now - taxes! Bleh. Ours are so complicated because we own our own business. And I'm a terrific procrastinator :)

What keeps me sane is being able to retreat into my fictional world. Am working on a flash piece I wrote a couple of years ago... expanding it into a full-fledged story. I need serious feedback, though. How does one go about that? (I only ever seem to get newbie feedback at Zoe...no offense intended, it's just that there's no depth to it.)

What are you working on these days? Didn't I read somewhere that you'd just finished a draft (or revision) of a novel??

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