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Saturday, July 18, 2009

In An Uncharted Country

a short story collection by the talented writer and blogger Cliff Garstang is now available for preorder from Press 53 or Cliff's new website!

Read: "Wash, Dry, Fold" by Myfanwy Collins

in the summer issue of Mississippi Review

Push the Limits

Twice in one week this wisdom has come to my attention, though it may be fairly obvious to some of you, for me, at this particular time, it was like receiving permission from the universe.

From Poets & Writers Magazine's interview with Joshua Mohr:

Any advice about navigating publishing?
"I think it's vital to remember that no one knows what will succeed and what will flounder in the marketplace, and therefore, writers should take that intimidating unknown as license to write the craziest books they can imagine. If there are no guarantees for success, why not shove the boundaries so far away that they're invisible?"

and after watching the powerful,sexy, and haunting movie "Little Ashes" last night, which, by the way, was critically chastised, but I loved it, I was reminded Dali lived by his belief it was important to push the limits in art and in life if one wanted to be recognized as an important artist.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


is the number of books I want to bring on my two week trip.

8 is the actual number of books I'll be bringing.

4 is the number of books I'll probably end up being able to read.

Oh why can't I read faster?????

Out of Touch

I'm going to be without internet access for the next couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to this "quiet" time with family and travel. I'm also looking forward to coming home, getting back to routine, my writing, and specifically, the novel.

Be well. Be fruitful.

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